Hove Plinth milestones

February 2018: Building work starts on the Hove Promenade

October 2017: Workshops with local residents at Brighton and Hove Museums identifies heritage objects to be included in design of inaugural sculpture.

September 2017: Project plan in place for constructing Hove Plinth. Launch date set for 21 April 2018

July 2017: Contract signed for inaugural sculpture - Constellation by Jonathan Wright.

June 2017: Funding secured for inaugural sculpture. Crowdfunding campaign raised £40,445.

May 2017: Arts Council pledges £16K as matched funding through their Artist + Crowd scheme for the inaugural sculpture, conditional on crowdfunding raising the remianing £24K needed to meet £40k target. Campaign launched on 5th May.

Febr 2017: Constellation by Jonathan Wright announced to be the inaugural sculpture for Hove Plinth.

Jan 2017: Funding target for construction of plinth reached

July 2016: £12,000 raised through crowd funding campaign, bringing the total resources raised through grants, donations and in kind pledges to £90,000.

Feb 2016: Hove Civic Society sets out its long term vision for public sculpture in 'Sculpture in the City'' proposal.

Nov 2015: The Hove Plinth project receives Argus Community Star Award for Contribution to Arts and Culture for "capturing the imagination of the people in the city."

Oct 2015: Hove Plinth promotional video launched.

Oct 2015: Planning permission for the initial three sculptures granted.

Oct 2015: A £20 000 grant is awarded by The Headley Trust.

Oct 2015: Maquettes of the three winning sculptures are unveiled at a reception hosted by the mayor at Brighton and Hove.

July 2015: Three winning sculptures are announced: Escape by Matthew James Davies, Flight of the Langoustines by Pierre Diamantopoulo MRBS and Constellation by Jonathan Wright.

June 2015: Exhibitions of 10 shortlisted sculptures. 1500 people take part in vote for their favourite sculpture.

May 2015: Philip Jackson, CVO DL FRBA becomes a patron of the Hove Plinth project

March 2015: Report on possibilities of digital developments in collaboration with University of Brighton.

March 2015: Pledge from local developer to build core construction of plinth pro bono.

March 2015: Call to Artists for sculpture proposals launched.

March 2015: Arts Council England/ National Lottery grants £10,000 to help fund our Call to Artists for sculpture proposals

Sept 2014: Sir Timothy Sainsbury becomes a Patron of the Hove Plinth project.

July 2014: Agreement to work in partnership with the Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton & Hove " to achieve synergy between planned activities, including the annual programme of exhibits, events and working with artists as well as associated learning programmes."

9 Dec 2013: A licence agreement is signed with Brighton & Hove City Council which gives Hove Civic Society the right to install a plinth on the seafront promenade.

May 2013: The Hove Plinth initiative is officially launched with an event attended by the Mayor of Brighton & Hove, Cllr Denise Cobb.

April 2013: Planning permission is granted by Brighton and Hove Council for Hove Plinth. Jan 2013: The Economic Development and Culture committee of Brighton and Hove Council grants landowner's permission for the seafront site on King's Esplanade at the bottom of Grand Avenue.

Sept 2012: Design for Hove Plinth commissioned from Millimetre Ltd

Feb 2012: Hove Plinth vision for developing a site for changing exhibition of sculpture on the Hove Seafront endorsed by Hove Civic Society

July 2011: Hove Civic Society sets up a steering group to develop vision for public sculpture in Hove.