Hove Plinth objectives

Our objectives

  • To install a specially commissioned ‘Hove Plinth’ on the Hove seafront promenade, King’s Esplanade, opposite the Queen Victoria monument at the south end of Grand Avenue. The plinth will be of appropriate architectural quality to fit and chime with the heritage of its location and include lighting, sound and computer/data facilities, in order to be able to accommodate varied forms of installation.
  • To use the Hove Plinth for an ongoing programme of temporary and changing sculpture and art installations, making use of loans from major sculpture foundations, special commissions, and proposals from artists locally, nationally and from local arts and heritage organisations.
  • To put Hove on the public sculpture map with world class cultural attractions which celebrate local, national and international artistic excellence.

Virtual image of Hove Plinth

  • To make available the opportunity to display artwork that bring to life the history and character of Hove, including the vistas of sea, sky and leisure associated with  the lawns and the seafront.
  • To complete a U-shaped circuit of sculptures and monuments, unique to Brighton & Hove, that runs from the Queen Victoria statue in Brighton, along the seafront, finishing with the Hove Queen Victoria and the War Memorial at the top end of Grand Avenue, Hove.
  • To engage residents and visitors with sculpture that surprises and delights them.
  • To involve as wide a range of organizations and individuals as possible by making the plinth available to their interests and ideas.
  • To contribute to the cultural calendar of the city by working with a range of programming partners.
  • To identify other sites across Brighton and Hove that may be suitable for permanent palcement of sculptures once they have been on the Hove plinth - thereby creating a lasting legacy. 

Our plan

Phase 1 objectives: getting the project up and running

These objectives were all achieved by July 2017

  • Vision and business plan
  • Engagement with residents, decision makers and other stakeholders
  • Planning permissions and licence agreement
  • Partnerships
  • Budget and funding strategy
  • Launch of call to artists and selection of initial sculptures
  • Commission of maquettes for initial sculptures
  • Funds for constuction of plinth raised
  • Funds for first sculpture raised

Phase 2 objectives: Installation of plinth and inaugural sculpture

  • Design and project plan for constructing and installing Hove Plinth (Achieved)
  • Commissioning of building work (Achieved)
  • Commissioning of Inaugural sculpture (Achieved)
  • Develop digital programme (In progress)
  • Launch of Hove Plinth and first sculpture - (Planned for April 2018)

Phase 3 objectives: Keeping the project going

Once inaugurated, running the project will be an ongoing commitment encompassing the following activities:

  • Facilitate a yearly programme on installations and events in collaboration with a range of organisations
  • Engage local and national audiences
  • Engage young people through schools programme
  • Ensure maintenance and security arrangements
  • Manage budget and ongoing funding programme
  • Creating a lasting legacy for the city

Who we are

The overall lead for the plinth and its programming is the Public Sculpture sub-committee on behalf of Hove Civic Society. As a civic initiative we rely on dedicated input from skilled and committed volunteers giving their time for free. The project group includes professionals with experience in public sculpture, sculpting practice, curating, fundraising, communication and business and project management. Expert advice on engineering and design is provided by HOP Engineering and Millimetre Ltd and project management for building the Plinth  by Robinson Low Francis (RLF) Surveyors. All share a passion for art and commitment to cultural development in Brighton & Hove.

Once the project is underway, the programming will be supported by a steering group, which is planned to include a representative from Brighton & Hove Council, cultural players in the city and beyond and others who have special expertise or interest. We will supplement this group from time to time with advisors brought in for particular projects as the scheme develops its momentum.