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Initial campaign video


Hove Plinth is a brand new cultural attraction on the historic Hove seafront - a new sculpture plinth to showcase the best in modern day sculpture. Inspired by the Fourth Plinth in London, Hove Plinth will exhibit a changing programme of sculpture. The first two sculptures were chosen from a national call for sculpture proposals and selected with involvement of local residents.



We are nearly there! Welcome to the official launch of Hove Plinth and the inauguration of the first sculpture, Constellation by Jonathan Wright. This will be a fun public event for all to celebrate this new cultural attraction in Hove.


All welcome!

26 February 2018

Building work has started! BBC came to film us as the team gathered to celebrate the occasion.


15 February 2018

The fencing is up.We wait eagerly for the plinth to be built. It's happening very soon. Watch this space!


22 January 2018

Save the date for Hove Plinth

This is the year when the Hove Plinth becomes a reality after all the hard work to reach this stage.  Save the date of our grand launch on 21st April 2018  2pm when Mayor of Brighton Cllr Mo Marsh will officially inaugurate the Hove Plinth and its first sculpture, Constellation by Jonathan Wright.

From next month, you should see work beginning on the sea front just south of the Queen Victoria statue on Grand Avenue.  The fencing will go up first to allow the foundation and core structure to be formed and the cabling for power and internet to be installed. After this a high quality stone cladding will be fitted.

6 Dec 2017

Final selection of Hove icons for Constellation sculpture

Following our workshops at the Brighton and Hove Museums  sculptor Jonathan Wright has now made a final selection  of the icons that will be part of  Constellation, Hove Plinth's inaugural sculpture. A big thank you to all the people who participated by bringing their ideas and stories of Hove. We are keeping the choice of icons under wraps until the unveiling of the sculpture in April - but can promise a delightful  celebration of the past and present of Hove.There will also be special stone paving and in-ground lighting around the Plinth along with a specially designed fixing plate, similar to the one on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, on top of it to hold Constellation in place.

15 sept 2017

Help us design the first sculpture for Hove Plinth

Join one of our workshops to help make a selection of  objects for the first sculpture - Constellation by Jonathan Wright. The sculpture see below) is an imaginative celebration of our community which puts Hove in its own solar system. The most popular landscapes and iconic images associated with Hove will orbit the system rather than planets.

We need your suggestions for objects and images that communicate why people love to live in Hove and why it is a place to be proud of. We want the sculpture to communicate your love of Hove,  why it is special to you and "What Makes Hove Hove".

The workshops will be at the the Hove Museum and Brighton Museum  on 25 Sept, 24 Oct and 31 Oct.

For more information and to book a place, please email Jonathan Wright at jhhwright@me.com

June 2017

Funding secured!

The crowdfunding campaign for Hove Plinth's first sculpture raised £40,445 - even more than the target. This is a fantastic result. We can't thank enough all those who have supported this great community project for Hove and who are as excited as we are at the prospect of seeing great modern-day sculpture on our wonderful seafront.

Planning will now start in earnest with a view to undertaking construction of the plinth during the winter and launching Hove Plinth and its first sculpture in spring 2018. .

Thank you to all brilliant supporters and to Arts Council for Artist + The Crowd matched funding!

See list of sponsors here.

16 March 2017: Ground investigation!

Geo-Environmental were on site to do an investigation to check that all is sound underneath the tarmac where the plinth will go.

site investigation


Feb 2017: Sculpted solar system of Hove icons will inaugurate plinth

Hove Civic Society is delighted to announce ‘Constellation’ by Jonathan Wright will be the first sculpture installed on Hove Plinth. Total funds for building the plinth are now almost finalised, which puts us in a position to seek sponsorship for the sculpture. Constellation and the plinth will be commissioned at the same time once funding for both is secured.

The sculpture is one of three final artworks chosen from submissions to our national competition in 2015 and it will be displayed on the plinth for approximately 18 months. it will be followed by " Flight of the Langoustine" by Pierre Diamantopoulo.

There are a number of reasons why we decided to make Constellation the inaugural sculpture.

It is a perfect fit for the location, a celebration of Hove showing off its iconic features.

 • It will be a collective local effort - the artist will involve local residents and groups in identifying the  final set of icons for the sculpture.

 • It will be produced with innovative technology.

 • The production time is comparatively short - around four months.

Wright’s creative design is based on an Orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system in which elements representing planets are replaced with historic, present day and future features of Hove.

The work also incorporates elements of a ship’s compass and a film camera lens and its main structure will rest on a gimbal that allows it to move slightly, responding to environmental conditions.

The icons representing Hove will be approximately 50cm high and produced using various techniques including 3D printing and gilding.Overall, the piece will measure approximately two and a half metres in height and three meters across, casting beautiful shadows on the promenade.

The maquette (small model) of the sculpture that Hove Civic Society has commissioned is a prototype for the full-size sculpture and has eight icons chosen after preliminary discussions with local people.

These and other ideas will be reviewed through a series of workshops to arrive at a final set of icons for the full-size sculpture.

What makes Hove, Hove? This is the question that Jonathan Wright will be asking. We invite you to join in the conversation - have a look at the preliminary ideas and send your thoughts and suggestions to karin@hovecivicsociety.org.

Above: Artist’s initial sketch for Constellation with images and objects relating to Hove.  Right: Initial illustrative icons used for the maquette including cricketer, regency façade, greyhound, seagull, beach hut, veteran car, windmill, chess piece.

Jonathan Wright says of his work:

“The idea for the Hove Plinth is to create a work that is part made by the local inhabitants and part made by the location itself. The role of the artist in this project is to provide a basic structure to focus the work as a whole and to guide it to fruition. The work is conceived by the public and engineered by the artist.

The notion of a constellation, a model of the planetary system, an oversized ‘Orrery’ is a perfect fit for the location. We are encouraged to look upward, consider star gazing, a sense of the universe and the place we hold in the world. The installation will involve the local community, Brighton & Hove  Museums and the University of Brighton. There is therefore a widening of the audience who are normally involved in the process of delivering artwork in the public realm.

The work extends beyond its physical presence and becomes a point of reference that means many things to many people. The objects become magical, infused with meaning; a local constellation.”