Public sculpture

This is our initiative to introduce more public sculpture in Hove, through a revival of the Victorian tradition of art by public subscription.

Hove has some impressive examples of Victorian monument but very little public sculpture has been added in recent times.  Hove Civic Society is setting about to change this. We think public art can play a major role in enrichiing the local townscape and would like to see contemporary sculpture as part of Hove’s street life and seafront vistas.  With public money being tight, we look to fund our new public art by donations from the public,  business and grant making bodies.

Our first project was the installation of the Hove Plinth on the Hove seafront to be used for changing displays of sculpture.

Hove Plinth and its first sculpture, Constellation, were launched in April 2018. It is already a major landmark for the city and a great addition to our community.

We are now planning ahead for the next sculpture, Flight of the Langoustine. Fundraising for this is in progress and the plan is to install this sculpture in 2020 and to find a permanent place in the city for the inaugural sculpture.

Both sculptures were chosen from a national competition and involved the public in voting for favourite proposals.

Constellation by Jonathan Wright, 2018

Flight of the Langoustine by Pierre Diamantopoulo, virtual illustration with maquette