Public sculpture

This is our initiative to introduce more public sculpture in Hove, through a revival of the Victorian tradition of art by public subscription.

Hove has some impressive examples of Victorian monument but very little public sculpture has been added in recent times.  Hove Civic Society is setting about to change this. We think public art can play a major role in enhancing the urban environment and would like to see contemporary sculpture as part of Hove’s street life and seafront vistas.  With public money being tight, we aim to fund the campaign from donations by both the public and local businesses.

Photograph of the sculpture 'Powerless Structures' on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square
"Powerless Structures" - Fourth Plinth Trafalgar Square, 2012

Our vision for public sculpture in Hove includes

  • Engagement - evoking a response of surprise and delight from residents and visitors
  • Bringing to life history and the character of Hove
  • Connecting with the sea and the seafront promenade
  • Linking in with Brighton & Hove Festivals and Artists Open Houses
  • An ongoing programme which could include both permanent and changing installations, including a variety of sites

Our first project is the installation of a Hove Plinth on the Kings Esplanade to be used for changing displays of sculpture.