City planning

The Society tries to influence the way the city is planned in a number of ways. We comment on major plans for the city such as the new City Plan or the Waste and Minerals Strategy. See the Planning Strategy page.

The Society participates in discussions and comments on the major developments which are either in or impact upon, the Hove and Portslade area.

We also look at individual planning applications and will make representations (either supporting or objecting) where we feel this is merited. This process can involve considerable time and effort, so we are always looking for help in this area!

There are benchmarks beginning to emerge for attractive, functional and sustainable developments throughout the city, such as the development of the access to the Hannington Development in 15 North Street Brighton.

Photograph depicting a narrow gap between two buildings, one displaying the words ‘Hanningtons Lane’.

We believe we can learn much from such developments. We also feel it is important to consider plans for smaller scale developments, because residents’ homes and their immediate environments are crucial for health and well-being.