Hove Civic Society

Founded in 1960, the object of the Society is to stimulate community interest in the beauty, history and character of Hove and its surroundings.

The Society encourages high standards of architecture, town planning and conservation, and monitors all new planning applications.

Hove seafront with sculpture Constellation by Jonathan Wright, celebrating Hove's past and present

Protecting the individuality of Hove within the wider City context is important to us, as is the maintenance and improvement of the environment for the benefit of all.

The Society feels strongly that public art has a major role to play in enriching the townscape and inspiring and engaging the local community. Since 2013 a main part of our activities has been focused on bringing new public art to Hove to benefit a wide audience of residents and visitors, 

We arrange a varied programme of events throughout the year: visits to places of interest in the summer, talks on a variety of subjects in the winter.

Membership is open to all who are interested in Hove and who support the aims of the Society; please join us.

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